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Truly Great Service

At Gary's Knife Sharpening Service we provide the best quality care for the tools you rely on the most. We offer highly skilled artisans to properly tool each knife, scissor or shear to optimum quality for ease of use and performance you can count on.

Following in the tradition provided by local artisans when I was as a child, I created Gary's Knife Sharpening Service in order to help serve a growing need in our community.


With you in mind, we have made our service available at your local Farmer's Market and also provide a mobile service that allows us to greet you at your door.

Gary's Knife Sharpening

From Scissors to Garden Shears


At Gary's Knife Sharpening Service we provide quality care for the tools our neighborhood foodies, fellow gardeners, and local fabricators count on. We sharpen knives, a various range of clippers, shears and scissors and even provide restoration of old tools at your request.

Why Sharpening Your Knives Matters


Sharpening your knives on a regular basis will ensure that you are prepared for every occasion that comes your way. From everyday meal prep to celebratory occasions, you will be ready and have what you need to get the job done.


A properly cared for tool requires honing on a regular basis and reshaping of the blade in order to brighten it back up to manufacturer specification for ease of use. 


At Gary's Knife Sharpening Service we are available to provide proper care and retooling of your knives on a regular basis, so that your knives will always be ready to serve you at every occassion and for years to come.

Become Part Of Our Team.

join us.

We invite our fellow artisans to inquire about employment opportunities at Gary's Knife Sharpening Service. We offer part time positions and flexible hours. Those with a love of community, food and gardening are encouraged to apply.

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